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DNS Settings

Why do I need to change my DNS settings for using Caspowa?
Changing your DNS settings—namely, NS records—allows Caspowa to optimize and accelerate your website. The change of your NS records also means that Caspowa becomes your current DNS provider. Your hosting provider remains the same.

Does Caspowa provide DNS services for free?
Yes. Caspowa provides free DNS services for customers.

Can I manage my DNS settings after the activation of Caspowa?
Yes. You can add, modify, and delete your DNS records.

I just activated Caspowa, how soon will the service start the acceleration of my website?
The acceleration starts after Caspowa verifies the changes in your DNS settings. The verification takes up to 48 hours.

About the Caspowa Service

What is the maximum number of websites that I can add for acceleration?
Caspowa does not limit the number of websites that you can add for acceleration.

My website is dynamic and constantly changing, can Caspowa accelerate it?
Yes. The ability to optimize dynamic websites is one of the core features of Caspowa.

If my websites are built using Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight, can Caspowa speed them up?
No. Caspowa optimizes only HTML-based websites.

Does Caspowa accelerate HTTPS-based websites?
No. Caspowa accelerates only HTTP-based websites.

If I store my content on a cloud platform, can Caspowa make my website faster?
Yes. Caspowa can accelerate your website regardless of its content location.

If I already use a CDN provider, is there any reason to subscribe to Caspowa?
Yes. You can use the services of Caspowa and a third-party CDN provider simultaneously.

Caspowa optimizes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images and is able to deliver your accelerated web pages to your users from either its own servers or the servers of a third-party CDN provider.

Where are the Caspowa web servers located?
Caspowa has the web servers located in Belarus, Germany, Russia, and the USA.

I serve 1000 pages per second, can Caspowa handle it?
Yes. Caspowa can work with a greater number of web page loads per second.

Is Caspowa a hosting provider?
No. Caspowa does not provide hosting services. However, Caspowa collaborates with hosting providers.

Are there any traffic usage restrictions or fees?
Caspowa does not charge any fees for your traffic usage. Nevertheless, monthly traffic usage restrictions exist and depend on your plan.

Note – Your hosting provider might apply its own traffic limits or charge additional fees.

What will happen if I exceed my monthly traffic usage limit?
If you exceed your monthly traffic usage limit, the acceleration of your website with Caspowa will be suspended until the end of the monthly billing cycle. To avoid the suspension, you can switch to the plan that has higher traffic usage limits.

Trust and Safety

Is it safe for my website to use Caspowa?

To make the acceleration of websites safe, Caspowa:
  • Implements the most secure technologies.
  • Collaborates with a professional team.
  • Conducts strict quality control.
  • Uses a troubleshooting system before and during the optimization process.
How can I be sure that my website will not go down if the Caspowa platform fails?
Caspowa continuously monitors the health of its platform. If any issue occurs with the platform, Caspowa redirects all your traffic to your original web server.

Can Caspowa harm my SEO?
No. Optimization with Caspowa improves your SEO.

Will Caspowa hide my IP address?
Yes. After the activation of our acceleration service, your website users see the IP addresses of Caspowa instead of your original IP address.

Why do I see Caspowa IP addresses in my server logs?
You see Caspowa IP addresses in your server logs because Caspowa acts as a reverse proxy. Caspowa passes the original IP address of your website user in the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header.

Will Caspowa affect my Google Analytics data?
No. Caspowa does not affect your Google Analytics statistics or any other analytical tools using JavaScript on your web pages.

Will Caspowa affect my Google AdSense ads?
No. Caspowa does not affect your Google AdSense ads.

Will Caspowa advertise on my website?
No. Caspowa never places any advertising information on websites.

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  1. Log in to your domain registrar account
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  3. Select domain
  4. Click button "Change"
  5. Change name servers addresses to ns1.caspowa.com and ns2.caspowa.com
  6. Save changes

Checking of the authorization may take up to 48 hours. It won't affect website availability.

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Please follow the instruction below to restore old DNS settings:

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  2. Open inset with yours domains
  3. Select domain
  4. Click button "Change"
  5. Change name servers addresses to old
  6. Save changes
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